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Dr. Markus McDowell is an author, writer, and editor.  He writes nonfiction books in religion, law, and history, and literary and historical fiction, and serves as an editor for publishers, businesses, attorneys, and authors.  He has also served as a law clerk for lawyers and judges.

He holds Ph.D. in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and a law degree from the University of London, has taught at various universities and colleges, presented papers, and spoken at conferences and retreats throughout the US and Europe.

Author & Writer

Markus has been writing since he was eight years old. His love of reading led to a fascination with words. Beginning with short stories, he graduated to starting several novels (which he never finished). After earning a music and business degree (and a stint as a professional musician), his interest in history, language, and faith led to him pursue a Master of Science degree in biblical studies and theology. This led to an M.Div.,  a Masters in New Testament, and a Doctorate in Philosophy.

“One of my greatest joys is helping others reach their potential through teaching. Writing books and articles, on a variety of subjects, is my primary way of helping others grow.”

During his schooling and as a professor, he wrote non-fiction academic and popular works: articles, essays, dictionary entries, and book reviews. His dissertation was published by a prominent academic publisher. He began to focus more and more on writing and editing—both his own work and helping others. Today he writes fiction and nonfiction books, articles, and book reviews, and serves as a freelance editor for academics and publishers.

Freelance Editor

During his education and teaching career, Markus served as a freelance copyeditor and acquisitions evaluator for book publishers, as a book review editor, and as the managing editor for the Leaven Journal (published by Pepperdine University).

“I like to think that my experience in theology, law, music, academia, business, and the publishing industry has provided me with a unique skill set to help others with their writing.”

Markus turned his attention to full-time writing and freelance editing. During this time, he also obtained a research degree in international law, enabling him to expand his expertise into legal research, writing, and editing.

Today, he serves as a freelance editor for academics, publishers, and independent authors writing both nonfiction and fiction. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Legal Issues Journal (published by the UKLSA).

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Author, writer, and freelance editor.
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