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“The History of Law in Europe: An Introduction.” Legal Issues Journal 5(2) (July 2017): 181–185.

“Storms, Fear, and a Tower: Lessons from the Life of Martin Luther.” In Leaven: A Journal of Christian Ministry. Volume 23, Number 3 (2015). 156–60.

Meditatio de Pater Noster: A Prayer.” Leaven 15/2 (2007): 112.“

Is Capitol Punishment Ethical?” The Horizon ThinkTank LXV, issue 19 (2007): 2.

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Youth Ministry.” Guest EditorLeaven 10:1 (2002).

“Resource Guide for Youth Ministry.” Leaven 10:1 (2002): 44–46.

Teaching Scripture Effectively to Teens.” Leaven 10:1 (2002): 30-7.

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What Are Human Beings that You Are Mindful of Them? A Worship Service Based on Psalm 8.” Leaven 4:1 (1996): 33.

“Preaching Biblical and Modern: A Review Essay of P.T. Forsyth.” Leaven 3:4 (1995): 30-34.

Fee, Gordon. God’s Empowering Presence: The Holy Spirit in the Letters of Paul. Leaven 3:3 (1995):

Brueggemann, Walter. Finally Comes the Poet: Daring Speech for ProclamationLeaven 3:1 (1995): 44-45.

Encyclopedia Articles

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