Reading the Gospel of John as the writer intended

Often, we read the Bible by looking up certain verses or passages and reading them out of context. This is unfortunate, because the Bible was not written as a reference book. If we are not going to read an entire book through, like we would any other book, then at least we got understand how the book is structured. This doesn’t always follow the chapters and verses, which were added almost 1000 years later. Being aware of how the author structured the Gospel helps us understand it better.

27. From Jesus’ life to the writing of the Gospels

The Gospels were not written during the time of Jesus life as if a biographer was following him around. Instead, his followers and others remembered the things he said and did and taught them to others. Over time, the church grew and its composition changed. Christianity developed its identity and practices. Interactions and conflicts with Judaism and the Greco-Roman world required influenced the Church. Finally, over a 30-year period, beginning around 65 AD, four writers drew on all this information to write down the Gospels in their own situation, to address some specific issues and needs.

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